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作者: mandlK3759    時間: 2013-12-19 08:37     標題: Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper
Virginia Creeper  ( Parthenocissus quinquefolia )
Virginia Creeper is a fairly common vine in my area. It sometimes mistaken for poison ivy or for grapes. The leaves look nothing like poison ivy or grape leaves. The fruits however do resemble wild grapes. Sorry, I don have pictures of the fruits for you. Virginia Creeper isn an edible plant. It berries have reportedly caused death in people who have eaten them. None of those cases have been proved. Even if it doesn cause death, do not let your kids or grandkids much on these berries. The leaves are also toxic. One of my references , Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants, says that the fall leaves can cause contact dermatitis. Although the plant isn edible, it was used for medicinal purposes. The plant was by Native Americans to treat jaundice, gonorrhea, diarrhea, swellings, and poison sumac. Very often you can find poison ivy growing amongst this plant. Keep in mind, that poison ivy has three leaflets. Unlike poison ivy, the vine of Virginia Creeper lacks a hairy appearance. Now, you know a little bit more about another native plant. It this knowledge that makes being out in nature even more rewarding.
I been working in the landscaping field for about the last 20 years, the past ten in native habitat restoration projects, and we do avoid using Virginia Creeper in whatever we do. It is native to my area PAbut it can overrun an area very quickly. It grows just as well in sun or shade.
The berries are poisonous to humans. They are, however, an excellent food source for many native animals, including bluebirds, deer, chipmunks, cardinals, mockingbirds, skunks, and quite a few others.
I haven run across any literature that suggests that Virginia uggs outlet canada Creeper itself causes contact dermatitis. My guess would be that any reaction could be caused by it habit of growing in close proximity to Poison Ivy, as you pointed out. It would be tough to tell which plant you had brushed up against and caused uggs canada outlet the reaction.

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